We have developed an affordable, scalable device to accurately measure the brain stem’s reflexive response to auditory sounds. This physiologically based method will help us transform attention testing into an exact science.

Twelve years of research at Israel's top Technion University with world-class scientists have culminated in the development of a proprietary algorithm that will be employed through our device for precise attention measurement.

ADHD Diagnosis

Diagnosing ADHD is an inexact science.

The industry standard ADHD test relies exclusively on voluntary cooperation and complex actions involving hundreds of neural pathways that dramatically reduce accuracy. The test takes approximately 25 minutes, a difficult task for a child who has trouble focusing.

MindTension is the FIRST to transform attention testing into an exact science.

In just six minutes, by using an EMG system to measure reflexive responses to auditory stimuli and levels of inhibition, we can provide a precise diagnosis.

ADHD Medication

Why is accurate testing so important?

Today it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to arrive at a clear diagnosis for accurate drug prescription.

Overdosing or underdosing can each lead to severely challenging behavior and anguish. The adverse effects of taking too much stimulant medication (like Ritalin) include the "zombie effect," rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, tremors, and agitation. Worst-case scenarios include schizophrenic-like psychosis, heart attack, stroke, seizures, and death.

MindTension reduces the risk of inaccurate drug prescription.

With MindTension’s accurate in-office diagnostics, therapists can instantly - over the course of a single session - measure the impact of ADHD medication for immediate adjustment to identify the smallest dose that produces the desired outcome.

Emotional Dysregulation

Some people with ADHD experience emotional dysregulation.

Emotional dysregulation, or difficulty in regulating emotions, can manifest in feeling frustrated by seemingly small annoyances, struggling to control impulsive behaviors, or experiencing rageful outbursts. These displays of extreme emotion can negatively affect relationships with friends, schoolmates, co-workers, and family members.

MindTension is the only solution that can diagnose and quantify impulsive dysregulation.

Stimulant medications for ADHD can also improve emotional dysregulation. Children suffering from both ADHD and emotional dysregulation can especially be helped by identifying an optimal stimulant dosage.

Our Team

Zev Brand - MindTension

Zev Brand

Salman Zubedat - MindTension

Salman Zubedat, PhD

Clinical Manager
Yonatan Kudlash - MindTension

Yonatan Kudlash

Data Scientist
Rotem Ben Ari - MindTension

Rotem Ben Ari


Our Scientific Board

Prof. Avi Avital - MindTension

Prof. Avi Avital

Head of Behavioural Neurobiology Lab
Haifa University
Prof. Iris Manor - MindTension

Prof. Iris Manor

Associate Professor
Geha Mental Health
Prof. Jeff Newcorn - MindTension

Prof. Jeff Newcorn

ADHD psychiatry & pediatrics
Mt Sinai, New York

Our Board & Advisors

Galia Kut - MindTension

Galia Kut

Startup Advisor & Investor
Kut Family Office
Alan J. Garfunkel - MindTension

Alan Garfunkel

Marine Dolphin Enterprises
Sason Noama - MindTension

Sason Noama

Co-founder and CEO
Arazim Ltd.

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MindTension is a digital health and medical device company with a game-changing EMG-based system that provides an objective and reliable diagnostic tool to measure attention (ADHD).

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